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About Godrevy

Godrevy sits at the north end of St Ives bay with its vast Atlantic rollers pounding into the white sand beach. Below the headland, boulders and rocky outcrops reach out into the sea, creating rockpools that harbour a myriad tiny creatures from anemones and eels to crabs and starfish.

Only a stone's throw out to sea, Godrevy Island takes the full force of the gales sweeping in from the Atlantic. The Stones, a treacherous reef, extends outwards from the island across the bay towards St Ives.

Following a number of terrible shipwrecks close to the shore, including the SS Nile, lost in 1854 with all passengers and crew on board, public pressure persuaded Trinity House to build a lighthouse at a cost of £7,082 15s 7d. Originally run by two resident lighthouse keepers, its first optic revolved by means of a clockwork motor. Modernisation came in 1939, when the lighthouse was fully automated and the keepers left for the last time. In 1979 it was finally converted to solar power.

The beach is one of the most popular in Cornwall attracting surfers and walkers as well as literary pilgrims. Although Virginia Woolf’s 1927 novel To the Lighthouse was set in the Outer Hebrides, Godrevy lighthouse is believed to have provided the inspiration for the book during Woolf’s many family holidays in Cornwall. Just as the Ramsay family never make their picnic on the island, Godrevy provides an unattainable destination for visitors to the Peace Camp installation.

Deborah Warner, March 2012

What the public thought...

“I thought the soundscape was magical. I have downloaded it on to my iPod and I often listen to it when I want to be inspired.”
Godrevy volunteer

“An amazing experience. Saw Godrevy in a new way. Well worth the effort. Well done!”
Susan and Michael, Cornwall

“I had a mad 24hr dash from Cornwall to the West Mids to see family and got home around midnight last night to find this was on at Godrevy - quickly loaded mp3 players with file, family into car and went on down to find an hour or so of most beautiful, restful, grounding experience - thank you!! - saw several shooting stars too, the final one being precisely on the last note of the soundscape...the coincidence of that lump of rock being created and setting out on a path billions of years ago and arriving to put on it's final show just as your soundscape finished with me having pressed go on my ipod exactly the right amount of time beforehand totally blew me away...and 10 mins previously I'd laid down next to my wife on our blanket, looking at her thinking how much I love her....so was looking at exactly the right area of sky to see it :D - thank you soooo much, special moments indeed xxx”
David Merchant

“Made my 7 and 8 year olds produce their own poetry. A beautiful evening – let’s have more of these.”
Kirsty, Tia, and Katlin, Cornwall

“Absolutely blown away – I’ll remember this experience until my dying day.”
Trevor Brookes, Cornwall