7 Fort Fiddes, Cullykhan Bay

Aberdeenshire | Scotland

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About Fort Fiddes

The rocky promontory of Castle Point reaches out into the Moray Firth with its crystal clear sea and vast red sandstone cliffs. A site of huge archaeological importance, the traces of the ruins of this 18th century fort are the latest evidence of habitations that stretch back to 700BC. The lovely sandy beach of Cullykhan nestles in a cove to the east below the fort, while Hell’s Lum – the remains of a collapsed sea cave – spews its misty foam high into the air to the west.

Home to hundreds of thousands of seabirds including puffins, fulmars, shags, kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills, the Moray Firth provides a home for the North Sea’s only known resident population of bottlenose dolphins as well as an occasional haunt for visiting pods of whales.

From the end of the Fort, views across the coast reveal the tiny fishing village of Pennan, made famous through the 1980’s film Local Hero. One of a rare series of 18th century fishing villages along this extraordinary coastline, Pennan was established by families ousted by the notorious Highland clearances. Like Crovie or Gardenstown further along the coast, the village clings tenaciously to a preposterously narrow strip of land beside the sea. With its miniature harbour, hotel and renowned telephone box, Pennan turns its single row of houses gable end-on to face the power of the encroaching waves. The seaward side of the village was lost to the great gale of 1953 and now provides an area for the villagers to dry their washing.

Deborah Warner, March 2012

What the public thought...

“Aberdeenshire Peace Camp [was] too beautiful for words. Made everything make sense.”
Llinos Wyn Jones

“I'm sure the challenges of the weather you have experienced in some sites will not
lessen the impact of this spectacular work, and I'm sure it will stay long
and fast in people's memories.”
Lorraine Grant, Cultural Services Manager, Aberdeenshire Council