1 Cuckmere Haven

Seven Sisters, East Sussex | England

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The river Cuckmere winds its leisurely way through wide flood plains, twisting and turning with its oxbow bends before emerging onto the pebble beach at Seaford Head. To the left, the startling white cliffs of the Seven Sisters rise sheer out of the clear blue waters of the English Channel facing across the sea to France; to the right, the Seaford Head Nature Reserve, protecting and preserving rare natural habitats for creatures such as the Bloody-Nosed Beetle, nesting swarms of bees and over 200 species of birds.

With its clutch of iconic coastguard cottages perched high above the sea, the site provides far-reaching views along one of England’s most famous white chalk cliffs. But its peaceful picture-postcard perfection conceals a murkier history of smugglers and conflict. In an adjacent field a poignant WWII memorial quietly remembers the troop of Canadian soldiers who, having pitched their tents there against local advice, were annihilated by German bombers making their way to London using the huge river estuary as a navigational aid.

Today in a more peaceful era, the site and surrounding South Downs National Park attracts thousands of visitors and walkers from across the world. For many, this stunning landscape epitomises the very essence of the English coast.

Deborah Warner, March 2012

What the public thought...

“I am planning to go there for the third time tonight – I just can’t get enough of it!”
Sally Staples, Cultural Strategy Manager, East Sussex Council

“What a truly breathtaking way to start the day. Thank you.”
Gillian Brierley, visitor to Cuckmere Haven



Peace Camp at Cuckmere Haven

Relive the magic at the Peace Camp sites by watching this short film we had made of the installation at Cuckmere Haven. You might even spot yourself!

Peace Camp 2012: Cuckmere Haven from Artichoke Trust on Vimeo.