• 06 Jul 2012

    Louise Camprubi

    "Here are some poems from a lovely class, 4LC from Preston Park Primary School"

    Love is
    Just a game
    No-one can solve.
    When someone dies
    That you love
    Like my Uncle.
    He was a good man.
    Love hurts.

    By Elkie

    A is for addictive,
    B is for beautiful,
    C is for comfortable,
    D is for devastated,
    E is for engaging,
    F is for family,
    G is for grateful,
    H is for helpful,
    I is for inspired,
    J is for joyful,
    K is for kiss,
    L is for love,
    M is for marriage,
    N is for noble,
    O is for obidient,
    P is for peaceful,
    Q is for quiet,
    R is for rough times,
    S is for successful,
    T is for trust,
    U is for us,
    V is for valentine,
    W is for wish,
    X is for Xcellent,
    Y is for you,
    Z is for zometimes.

    By Kysha

    Love is a hug, love is a kiss, love is a teacher
    Love is a friend, love is a sweet
    Love is a heart, love is your sister
    Love is your cat, love is your PARENTS

    By Kelly

    I love my brother
    I feel happy and very safe
    Laughing and smiling

    By Dhrumi

    Love is a best friend
    playing with me
    Love is hugs
    from my mum
    Love is my
    Love is
    my dog

    By Adam

    Love is always there for you
    Love will never end
    Love will be all yours
    Love is your heart

    By Muna

    Acting ,
    Being famous,

    By Priyanshi

    Let out your emotions,
    Open your arms and hug me,
    Vital pain in your heart,
    Even for a little while!

    by Isioma

    To love
    To always care
    To always love what’s there
    Forever to know who loves you
    To love

    By Reem

    Love is a puppy,
    Love is a superb feeling,
    Love is my parents

    By Raahavi

    A is for A-List superstars
    B is for baking
    C is for cats
    D is for dolphins
    E is for eating potatoes
    F is for football
    G is for games
    H is for home
    I is for I-Pads
    J is for jokes
    K is for kittens
    L is for Love

    By Jacques

    A kind loving critter bound to be around
    Making some gerbils eat the bitter butter
    Still playing with his friends creating some fun
    Although breaking the lamp cheeky little cat
    Relating it on others an independent cat
    Very smart his jealous friends make fun of him
    While he goes to the gym.

    By Daniel


    A is for Atharv who goes to cubs,
    B is for beach who is fun and entertaining,
    C is for cats who are cute,
    D is for Dzasmina and Dave who love each other a lot and kissed on the lips hidden,
    E is for Elyas who is sometimes funny,
    F is for friends who make sure I'm ok,
    G is for girls who are cute,
    H is for hate which never helps.

    By Inas



    Love is…
    Love is my Qu’ran
    Love is Islam in my heart
    Love is my prayer beads
    Love is…

    By Tarek

    Love is every thing on Earth,
    Love is now everywhere,
    It never ever begins or finishes,
    Like a massive circle,
    Love is stronger,
    Than John Cena,
    And me

    By Elyas

    Loving my friends is the best thing to do
    Of course I love my friends, it's true
    Valuable clothes, it’s not what love is about
    In friendship the is nothing to shout about
    Never say no when you love your friends
    Great friends together never ends!

    My loving friends are always with me
    Yes it's stronger than fifty trees

    Friends for ever is right for me
    Righteous friends is my opportunity
    It's always correct to have love
    Even if your angry have peace with a dove
    Never say no
    Do what love will do and ....
    Stay calm!!!

    By Roishan

    Love is caring love is
    Sharing love is a
    Miss love is a
    Kiss love is
    Hug love
    Is a pre
    Sent a
    S a j

    By Dennis

    Love is like a blissful dove,
    Love is like a fountain of pink water,
    Love is as romantic as a treehouse,
    Love is like a locked up diary,
    Love is like a blooming, pink rose,
    Love is like a bag of pollen,
    Love is like an explosion of endless hearts,
    Love is like a war of arrows and hearts,
    Love is like a romantic sunset!

    By Atharv


    Love is...
    Incredibly caring,
    Love is the sound of an echo,
    Love is…

    BY: Divya

    A is for Aztec mask,
    B is for being happy,
    C is for cats,
    D is for Disneyland
    E is for eating lolly pops,
    F is for friendship,
    G is for grandma,
    H is for helicopter,
    I is for ice-cream,
    J is for jelly,
    K is for kiss,
    L is for love,
    M is for marriage,
    N is for nanny,
    O is for old fashioned,
    P is for P.E.
    Q is for Queen,
    R is for reading,
    S is for skating,
    T is for tennis,
    U is for umbrella,
    V is for village,
    W is for weather,
    X is for Xcellent,
    Y is for you,
    Z is for zebra.

    By Katrina

    Love, love,
    Love is natural,
    Love is everywhere,
    My parents are the best forever,
    Love, love.

    By Yousif

    L is for loving someone special,
    O is for an opening of a new relationship,
    V is for Valentines Day when you get a lot of chocolates,
    E is for an endless relationship.

    By Elyas

    A is for acting
    B is for being loved,
    C is for the cinema,
    D is for Disneyland
    E is for entertainment,
    F is for family,
    G is for glamorous me and my friends,
    H is for huge hug,
    I is for Isioma,
    J is for jelly,
    K is for kissing,
    L is for love at first sight,
    M is for miracle marriage,
    N is for new love everywhere,
    O is for out on a date,
    P is for polite people,
    Q is for Queen,
    R is for romance,
    S is for super stars,
    T is for tiaras,
    U is for unicorn,
    V is for Valentines Day,
    W is for winter
    X is for Xcellent,
    Y is for yellow
    Z is for zip wires.

    By Maia