Artichoke are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our events and are delighted to have worked with Julie's Bicycle to reduce the carbon footprint of Peace Camp. Julie's Bicycle are a non-profit company helping creative industries to understand and increase their environmental sustainability. 

Local Impact

Peace Camp celebrated the extraordinary beauty of the UK coastline and we were committed to leaving the sites as we found them. We worked with environment and wildlife agencies in these locations to limit our impact on the landscape, wildlife and vegetation.

One of the challenges of large-scale events like Peace Camp is what to do with rubbish. We minimised the use of landfill and donated, reused and recycled project materials where we could. The tents were donated to local communitiy groups including scouts, boys brigade, and youth groups in each of the Peace Camp locations.

Energy Efficiency

We worked with our production team to make sure that the installations were as energy efficient as possible and that equipment, where possible, was sourced locally.


Our staff and crew use public transport and travel in full cars where feasible but visitors helped too by travelling in full cars and making sure lights and televisions were switched off before they left.



Environmental Impact

Image by

Ivan Marn